Beadcrete® is an innovative formulated pool finish system which incorporates the highest quality aggregates, polymer modified cements and pigment technologies to create a truly exquisite pool finish. The inert glass bead aggregate is beautiful to look at and smooth to the touch. This one of a kind pool finish will simply take your breath away. Follow the link below to see the full of color palate.



Architectural Surfaces

Beadcrete® is an architectural surface finish that looks remarkable under both natural and artificial lights. Available in a range of designer colors, this remarkable surface finish enhances the visual effect contemporary architecture demands.


Beadcrete ® is the latest development in Concrete Pool Plaster

Beadcrete® looks remarkable under both natural and artificial lights. Beadcrete provides a superior color range including custom colors. The results are stunning. The surface has a 3-Dimensional effect. Available in a range of designer colours, this remarkable finish enhances the visual effect contemporary architecture demands.

Smooth, colourful and durable for new pools and renovating old concrete pools, spas, fountains & water features, etc.




Beadcrete ® is the ultimate choice because:

  • Does justice to your designs -- a quality, classic finish that compliments today's outstanding pool designs and designer landscape architecture.
  • Beadcrete® flows with the shape of your pool, finished smooth and flat by steel toweling.
  • Beadcrete® can be applied to the tightest of curves.
  • It's your choice -- there is a comprehensive range of vibrant colors to choose from and custom color matching is available
  • Experience the added dimension -- refracting light dancing beneath the water's shimmering surface brings the pool "to life"
  • Easy on the skin -- smooth, non-slip, luxurious texture and "feel" &..No Band-Aids or socks required!
  • Accredited applicators -- only qualified, accredited tradesmen are allowed to apply Beadcrete® to your pool.
  • Above all - Relax & Enjoy -- polymeric cement modification means very low maintenance, highly stain resistant, lower chemical costs, increased durability and.....more time having fun!
  • Discover the difference yourself -- see some Beadcrete® finished pools, you can talk to those who own the pools, inspections by appointment.
  • Expect constant interruptions -- The drawing power of your Beadcrete® pool will mean friends and neighbors will find more time to drop in and say "Hello...".